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To resist is to piss in the wind...

...anyone who does will end up smelling

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*whispers* george eads, 83p, a-touch-of-the-costanzas, an-evening-with-charlie-and-lane, archie surprise, bean invasion, benry; lovely benry, best-hand-job-in-the-north, big pimping; spreading cheese, capulets and romulans, catholicism wow, chicken fiasco, danny-messer's-prowess-with-a-spanking-paddle, dean's single tear of-knicker-wetting-emo, destination jill, drayton manor electrocution hour, dude... where's my torso?, dum-dums, edgar's lack of pips, ethan tom, fichtner thighs, fo' shizzle my thistle, front turtling, gil grissom's free-phone offer, good sodomy beat, i know stuff, impersonating jack bauer, ineffible flackness of being, it's-an-oh-noez-type-situation, jack bauer adoption hour, jack/jack attack, jears, jerry bruckheimer cheese, jesus-makes-a-mean-souffle, kellerman's salty seed, legen... wait-for-it... dary!, love these buns, mahone's-fucked-up-issues-of-woe, martha's big brass testes, michael-clarke-duncan-reciting-judy-blume, millet/binky, mork-calling-awesome. come-in-awesome, mr itzin-mr itzin-mr itzin, my side-your side, one-man-and-his-slug, packing the chicken, pat p, rabbit is wise, ran.dom bol.lex, score porn, seven-seasons-of-joy-dude-seven-seasons-of-joy, shark hamster, shirt billow shirt, sinise-brow, sit-on-my-face-and-tell-me-you're-a-cylon, someone-left-robert-davi-out-in-the-rain, sometimes my thumb bends-back, texas trout, the bauer of love, the excitement of cheese, the gay pirate grunberg, the hierarchy of conkers, this ridiculous chin, tizer soze, we win gracie, what-are-the-pink-bits?, whatever-blows-wind-up-your-skirt, whiskywank, xmen as currency, yesterdays jam, your-mum-looks-like-jeremy-piven, £47.70
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